Improve Your Calligraphy by The Way You Practice

Everyone who practices calligraphy knows that it is a practice and not a pure theory, that is, it has to be practiced constantly, so that one gets better or remains up-to-date.


The way to practice determines the progress

It is not enough to know the basics, they have to be practiced and rehearsed again and again. But it also depends on how to practice.

You will improve much faster if you practice what you are not good at. So, you should practice targeted practice and not just start somewhere and get started.

Look at the principle behind which the letters are built, starts with the basics - not with the details and with finished work. You can copy these, but without an understanding of the basics your copies will never look so right.


How targeted exercise can look:

To start with the targeted exercise, look at the words and letters and split them into their basic forms. You should write these basic forms slowly and with attention to the details until you have mastered them, try to improve your typing technique on every stroke, and have been careful since the stroke you are performing. There is no shortcut for learning manual techniques, there is only steady practice, looking and improving until the movement has moved into the muscle.


Calligraphy is supposed to be fun, and first of all it helps you to focus on your progress after a while, and it motivates you to stick to it.