5 reasons to learn calligraphy

  1. Calligraphy has a relaxing effect.

It can be very relaxing to sit down with a cup of tea, some music and pen, and ink, and fill pages with pages.

The direct, haptic connection to the materials is something very beneficial. In addition, repetition can actually soothe the nerves. Whoever practices must not achieve anything special, is only there at the moment, and that is as good as it is.


  1. The possibilities are almost endless

After you have mastered the basic techniques and mastered them, you might want to experiment with new tools, which is also a lot of fun. There are many ways to experiment with calligraphy, from obscure feathers and historical inks to fine paper types and unusual writing surfaces like chalkboards - all this is possible with calligraphy.


  1. We see immediate results

Unlike many other things you can do yourself, you hardly need time to write a word. You will receive the immediate reward with your hands. Knitting or woodworking are wonderful crafts, but they can take a long time. Writing a word in calligraphy, even one with many ornaments, can be done in 15 seconds.

Of course, you have to practice to achieve great results, but this will be faster than you think, as practicing is great fun.


  1. Handwriting has become rare

We live in a world where crafts are increasingly disappearing, and people long for handmade things that require much skill and attention. Calligraphy is often described as "lost art". Writing is not even taught in many schools


  1. Calligraphy is not expensive

It is easy to catch with calligraphy. A basic equipment for calligraphy costs under $20.